Why do I write Sci-Fi?

Christopher Tallon

On Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered, I was recently asked, “Why science fiction?”

It’s a pretty straight forward question. Right? There are lots of good answers. Right?

My answer was: “I don’t know.”

And I don’t. I didn’t sit down one day and say, OK, I’m going to write a science fiction novel. If anything, I thought I’d write a supernatural horror novel or something. I alluded to as much after my “IDK” answer, stating that horror is probably my favorite genre as a reader, followed closely by sci-fi.

But since then I’ve replayed that question in my head and thought about why I wrote a science fiction novel. So here ya go.

I write science fiction because:

The real answer: I had to. I’m not a fan of plotting out a story, as I mentioned in Behind the Process: Handwriting vs. Typing. Some writers are, and that’s fine…

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